Australian Gifted Support Centre

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Working together for the gifted

Introduction of
Australian Gifted Support Centre

Australian Gifted Support Centre offers a wide range of services to gifted children and adolescents, and their parents or caregivers and their teachers. Our team specializes in supporting gifted children including those with a learning difficulty, twice exceptional students and those who are underachieving.

  • Trying to understand your child or student?
  • Need help in choosing a school or advocating for them?
  • Wondering about acceleration?
  • Do they struggle to manage their emotions or behaviours?
  • Is there a mismatch between the way they think and what they produce?
  • Do they find it difficult to focus or concentrate?

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Counseling Services

We provide phone, Skype and face to face counseling for parents of gifted child... more...

Gifted Assessment Services

The assessments have been designed to identify any possible learning differences... more...


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