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Introduction of
Australian Gifted Support Centre

Australian Gifted Support Centre offers a wide range of services to assist families with bright children and adolescents including resources and courses for their parents or caregivers and their teachers. Our team specializes in supporting gifted children including those with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia and conditions such as ADHD, ASD.              

We can help if your child is bright but is

Struggling with reading, writing, spelling or maths.

Disorganised or has poor time management skills.

Perfectionistic or a procrastinator.

Struggling with behaviour or emotional regulation.

Distractable and finds concentration and focus difficult, particular with simple tasks.

Slow at processing has a poor working memory.

Not performing at school as you might have expected them to.


We can help if you are            

Trying to better understand your bright , complex child or student

Making decisions about schooling; which school; when to start; 

Wondering about acceleration.

Finding your child struggles with their emotional regulation or behaviour management.

Wondering about the mismatch between the way the child thinks and what they are able to produce.

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Counseling Services

We provide phone, Skype and face to face counseling for parents of gifted child... more...

Gifted Assessment Services

The assessments have been designed to identify any possible learning differences... more...


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